Sunday 20 January 2013

ASL 2013: Aristea Mellos (Frey, Mellos, & Frey)

Aristea Mellos is composer that currently lives and works in New York City. Her works have been performed throughout Australia and the United States, by arists such as, the Cuong Vu Trio, ExhAust, The Australian Youth Orchestra, and The Kur-ring-gai Philharmonic.

Aristea holds a Masters degree in composition from The Eastman School of Music where she studied with Professors David Liptak, Robert Morris, and Vincent Lenti. In 2011, Aristea was awarded the Paul Sacher Scholarship and Belle S. Gitelman Prize for compositional merit.

In 2010, Aristea graduated with honours (first class) from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she held the Doris Burnett Ford Scholarship and Roy Agnew Memorial Fund Award.