Sunday 20 January 2013

ASL 2013: Remy Siu (Chan & Siu)

Remy Siu is an emerging composer based in New Westminster, BC. He is studying at SFU Contemporary Arts with David MacIntyre, Janet Danielson, Barry Truax, Arne Eigenfieldt, Henry Daniel, and Steven Hill. His work has been featured in ""The Sonic Boom Festival,"" the ""Jean Coulthard Readings"" (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra), the ""Art Song Lab,"" and many more new music events in Vancouver. In the spring of 2012, he wrote and performed music for the boldly experimental dance/theatre piece, ""Escapement,"" directed by Steven Hill & Rob Kitsos. Most recently, he worked with the 'Quatuor Bozzini' in their composers kitchen workshop.

His music is interested in the strange, the humourous, the montage, and the non-linear.