Thursday 2 August 2012

ASL 2011: Ritter & Darch

Martin Ritter writes both electroacoustic and acoustic works and develops software tools in different languages. He has worked for theatrical productions, creating sound design as well as collaborated with performers such as Eric Wilson, Jesse Read, Corey Hamm, Paolo Bortolussi, Ralph Markham and Kenneth Broadway. He has worked with ensembles like the Phoenix Chamber Choir, Vancouver Chamber Choir, Standing Wave has participated in the Toronto Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop and is active in the Vancouver Sonic Boom festivals. He is an educator, teaching music fundamentals to children, a teaching assistant and research assistant at UBC and has sporadically been working with various organizations in the Vancouver area as a computer programmer and audio  technician. His composition instructors include Mark Armanini, Stephen Chatman, Bob Pritchard and Keith Hamel, and he has become involved with the UBC Media And Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC) research group as well as the Music Sound and Electroacoustic Technologies (MuSET) research group. Currently he is pursuing his DMA in Composition at UBC.

Krissy Darch is a Vancouver-based writer and artist. She teaches with the University of British Columbia's external Creative Writing program, Booming Ground. Much of her work explores how art and writing intersect with social justice.