Thursday 2 August 2012

ASL 2012: Moore & Saklikar

Sandy Moore - award-winning composer and sound/designer for theatre, dance, concert,
site-specific and film. Communion, music and sound/design, Neptune Theatre/NAC;
Moonrise Over Stolen Moments, International Composer’s Workshop, Beijing; Vimy,
NAC/GCTC co-production; ACT V Sc I - Soprano and any ensemble; Tout Passe -
Soprano and Clarinet; site-specific The Book Of Names, Halifax Explosion Memorial;
The Damned, new chamber works; Macbeth, NAC; Fly Fisher’s Companion, PTE;
Merritt Award Nominations - Driving Miss Daisy, By The Dark Of The Moon, Fool For
Love. Film: Grande Dame, Where Do I Start? (NFB, Cultural Olympiad, Vancouver),
Dinner For One, Best Original Score, The Wild Dogs, Genie Nomination.

Renée Sarojini Saklikar writes thecanadaproject, a life-long poem chronicle. Work from thecanadaproject appears in anthologies and literary journals including, The Vancouver Review, The Georgia Straight, PRISM international, Poetry is Dead, SubTerrain, Ricepaper, CV2 . Poems are forthcoming in the Pacific Poetry Project, Ryga, Geist, and Arc Poetry. Long poems and fiction from thecanadaproject have been short-listed for national awards. A chapbook: “18 thing poems about a tree,” appeared in Vancouver’s Arte Factum, a curated exhibition. Work from thecanadaproject will be examined at the Association of Cultural Studies: Paris, July 2012. Renée is working on her first book of poems.